It is StillMotion’s last short film contest of 2010 and the stakes couldn’t be higher; with a newly released Cinevate Atlas 10 up for grabs. We pushed ourselves, again, into a new direction to further test our abilities and push our cameras to their limits.

With a full schedule and the weather taking its inevitable turn to a harsh Manitoban winter, we pushed to the brink on this one. There were countless times where we either wanted to scrap the whole idea and start from scratch, or not continue at all. In the end, even during the last few days, we seemingly pulled everything together; heading out night after night and grabbing footage in freezing conditions.





At Intervals, conceptually, is an idea of two worlds coexisting simultaneously. We were inspired by the orchestra of life around us, and thought to tell a story of how there is more to it than we think. It’s the unexplainable feeling of lack of control over wind, rain, ice and snow. The idea is fairly out there, but we hope you enjoy, and at the very least – were entertained. Please take the time to head on over to StillMotion’s blog to cast a vote for your favourite film!

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  • The audio work on this was top notch.

  • Thanks Kert! 6 hours of audio design & mixing will do that, I think :)

  • Gaurav Sharda

    This StillMotion entry is just fantastic! I love the idea behind your video and your hard work filming this really pays off. For me its the best one of the lot, i’ve just voted for it.

    Looking at your pictures above, I got curious and would like to know what rig you are using? It looks great.

    Keep up your exceptional work guys!!



  • Thank-you Gaurav so much for the kind words, and the vote :)

    We used Cinevate‘s Core Rig for most of the shoot, we also have a review of it up on our site here ->

  • This is gorgeous guys! I aboslutely love the colouring and those time lapse shots are incredible!

  • Jim

    This video makes no sense. “Between the chaos and under everything around us” WHAT THE **** DOES THAT MEAN? I hate to paraphrase The Simpsons, but that sounds like something”stupid people would say to sound smart.”

    The ‘sound design’ is nothing but a bunch of vague, fancy-sounding non-sequiturs.

    Also, anyone with almost any camera can create a nice-looking time-lapse.

  • Hey Jim,
    Thanks for your thoughts. To elaborate a bit more, the film is a fictional story (more specifically) about two worlds coexisting – one that controls a lot more than most notice (the overlooked part of it). Between the chaos describes the busy life of an urban setting – not paying attention to how beautifully orchestrated the world really is, and that it’s easy to miss these extraordinary events that happen all around us. Everything from rain & tide, wind & wave, frost & snow (more words from the film). The timelapses were to give a bit of flickr, light, and an insight into these things that take place around us – seeing wind and cloud movement at night, electricity patterns, the rotation of the earth. I hope that better explains why we chose the shots we had, as well as the story and direction we went into. Trust me, these were not merely picked from a hat and thrown together, it was about 2 weeks of planning, writing, and refining. Timelapse takes extreme patients, especially when you’re set out to take a shot of the stars as they move through the sky – finding that perfect clear sky (which didn’t come, but we drove to find), spending 2 1/2 hours for a 2 second clip in the middle of no where at temperatures close to -40 degrees celsius. For the sound, we field recorded a lot of wind, melting snow as it hit electrical lines, busy streets with traffic, as well as mixed in a few unnatural elements like whales, a boewing 747, and a few gutiar amplifier noises. It was all brought together, carefully, after about 6 hours of editing, processing, and mixing. I hope you gave it a listen on some nice studio headphones or speakers. This film carefully follows the theme, overlooked – it was a stretch to do something so fictional and imaginative for myself, which we always continue to do to push ourselves further at what we’re not comfortable at – furthering our skills as storytellers.


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