At Intervals

It is StillMotion’s last short film contest of 2010 and the stakes couldn’t be higher; with a newly released Cinevate Atlas 10 up for grabs. We pushed ourselves, again, into a new direction to further test our abilities and push our cameras to their limits.

With a full schedule and the weather taking its inevitable turn to a harsh Manitoban winter, we pushed to the brink on this one. There were countless times where we either wanted to scrap the whole idea and start from scratch, or not continue at all. In the end, even during the last few days, we seemingly pulled everything together; heading out night after night and grabbing footage in freezing conditions.

At Intervals, conceptually, is an idea of two worlds coexisting simultaneously. We were inspired by the orchestra of life around us, and thought to tell a story of how there is more to it than we think. It’s the unexplainable feeling of lack of control over wind, rain, ice and snow. The idea is fairly out there, but we hope you enjoy, and at the very least – were entertained. Please take the time to head on over to StillMotion’s blog to cast a vote for your favourite film!