IN[FOCUS] New Orleans

It’s difficult to sum up our experience at IN[FOCUS] in a single blog post; between the presentations and the connections we made with the filmmaking community, this event has changed our lives. It’s amazing to meet people with the same passion and motivation as we have and knowing you’re not alone. Stephen Nathans-Kelly, of EventDV put it beautifully in his latest post here. We were fortunate to hear from some of the best event filmmakers: Patrick Moreau, Kevin Shahinian, David Perry, The Bui Brothers, John and Jennifer Moon, Adam Forgione, Steve Zugelter, Matt Davis, and John Goolsby. On top of all that, we had a one-on-one session with Patrick and Joyce of Stillmotion; in a nutshell, it was mind blowing. We came away with a completely new mindset of how to approach a wedding film and our business. It’s as if we had all of these pieces, but never connected the dots to reach our full potential (we are extremely excited about everything we’ve learned, moving forward).

We used the flight as an excuse to try out our new Pelican cases and test whether or not our checked gear would last through the rugged use of a not-so-friendly airliner (Delta the terrible). After everything made it through without a scratch, we knew we’d made a sound investment. While there, we used every opportunity possible to film our take on the experience we had in New Orleans. The city is beautiful; the weather was warm (even though most days everyone was in parkas). It was also nice putting faces to the numerous Twitter/Vimeo handles, such as Stillmotion, Rising Moon, Canon Filmakers and 31 Films.

IN[FOCUS] put on a contest, open to anyone who attended, to create a film of their experience. There are many fantastic ones already up, including ones from Brick Street Cinema, Vivid Wedding Films, Classic Pixels, and Roman Video Productions. We took a slightly different approach. We learned so much in a few days, met so many filmmakers, and explored a new city. To us, this was a surreal, inspirational, and one of the best experiences we’ve had since we started At First Sight a year ago. Our film, hopefully, reflects that with its simple tone. Cheers.