Drag Like Pull

We limited ourselves to a 12 hour turn around with concept, filming, editing, piecing sound together and colouring (fitting in well under that). It’s been a great learning experience, having to think on the fly and finding what worked and what didn’t. To insure we would shoot this in under an hour, we filmed at dusk and when the sun went out, we didn’t have the help of any fancy LED friends. Our friends over at Paperback Films have a beautiful entry up titled “Bicycle” and our friend Melissa Hiebert‘s entry “Abscond“.

The story revolves around a man who recently experienced a loss, who is frantically trying to find a moment of clarity in all of the mess. He leaves the city, heads out into the woods to find a calm, fond memory; a momento carved in a tree, removing all of the distractions of life at home. Tim Gray of Gray Area of Comedy is a very multi faceted talented actor. It was so neat to see him jump into this role in a matter of seconds, only about an hour after we asked him to join us for a quick shoot (another  example of how limited we were for time).

  • stuart

    that was awesome. i really enjoyed the BTS shots that you shared. that magic arm and suction cup is ridiculous

  • Patrick

    do you seriously have like 6 sliders yet a 50 f1.8… something is wrong here :)


  • http://www.atfirstsightfilms.com At First Sight

    yikes… what can I say. we’re holding out until the 50 1.2 is a prize lol