After Stillmotion settled into their brand new studio out in Mississauga, Ontario and with the Evolution Experience 4.0 coming up, we were approached by their team and began discussing the idea of filming a behind the scenes look at their education workshops. But what’s a good story without an obstacle? For now, let’s just say we had to move mountains to make this work. Timing wasn’t ideal and we couldn’t pass on the opportunity of being a part of this experience. Finally, we made it to YYZ to learnshare, and be a part of a four day intensive workshop held by our friends, stillmotion.

Last week we had the privilege of taking part in Stillmotion’s Evolution Experience 4.0; a 4 day seminar better known as Evo. As much as we’ve learned over this past year, I feel we learned an equal amount in 4 short days. It’s quite the experience. This year, there was more emphasis on thought and meaning in story telling and considering how easy it is to get wrapped up in gear (I’m just as guilty), it was refreshing thinking about the why. It was so fun meeting so many talented filmmakers from all over the world. We worked with Stillmotion to create a BTS film of the event (will be posted soon) and to start things off, we thought we’d share a few memories.




I could go on, for forty pages or so, about the incredible things we learned. Instead leave it to you to check out more on future workshops here. We met so many incredibly talented people from all around the world. It was also nice to finally meet the rest of the SM team in person (well most of them). Filming with nothing but the best Canon primes, and equipment from sponsors; CinevateLens Pro to GoKesslerZacutoShootsac, and SmallHD for several days, we were spoiled!





Evo, to me, was like a short, intensive film-school with the ability to work one on one with their team. This film we created is for those interested in being a part of stillmotion‘s future education events. It gives you a glimpse of the hands on experience  and its overall fun atmosphere. It’s all about exploring who you are and developing yourself as a filmmaker. Everyone’s different, and to me that’s the best part.




Finishing this film after we came home was an experience in of itself; with a healthy, consistant array of feedback on many, many versions. It helped us shape the finished film to be so much more; putting into practice what we learned. Thanks to stillmotion for this amazing opportunity!

  • EPIC, as always! :)

  • Awesome job, guys! I’m glad you weren’t able to participate in the evo competitions or I might not have this sweet Lens Pro to Go gift card…

  • Brian

    Ok, I’ve watched it thrice now, and all I can say is WOW, Awesomely done guys! I’m checking the dates for the next SM now!

    Congrats on going full time with just one job, maybe you can get a little sleep now. Love all the links!

  • Thanks Ed, Kert & Brian. It was so much fun piecing this together. Ed – I hope you’re entering in the “simple” contest ;)

  • Thanks Ed, Kert & Brian. It was so much fun piecing this together. Ed – I hope you’re entering in the “simple” contest ;)

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