Roughly three weeks ago, we had the pleasure of experiencing the big windy city. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank (from the bottom of our hearts) all who voted in the last SM short film contest, where we won a ticket to a Chicago held Event Cinema Workshop, making it possible for our entire team to attend. It was great meeting up with Kevin Shahinian, Joe Simon and Patrick Moreau again and taking in what they had prepared for us.

In-class discussions, hands-on training, all at the wonderful Zacuto Headquarters in downtown Chicago (very cool meeting Steve Weiss as well). I should mention that although we haven’t maintained a healthy blogging regimen this last little while, we have been working on more projects than ever before and we’re very excited to soon share them all with you.









As part of the workshop, we were split into groups of three to conceptualize, pitch, write, storyboard, shoot, edit, color, mix and produce a short film based on the theme of “time”. With Etiquette graciously gave us a song to work with and our limitations were: keep it under 60 seconds, and there can not be use of sync sound. One of the best experiences was meeting and getting to work with some amazingly talented filmmakers from all over the world.



Each team would have a director, producer, director of photography, camera a, camera b and additional help (including an actress). At the end of the day, we all had the exact same footage to work with, and it was up to each of us individually to edit together the story we were trying to tell. It’s been fascinating seeing the differences in interpretations from our team-mates. Although our time out there was short (three days), we took in what we could, hoping to return again. My team had a naturally talented actor… Joe Simon.

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