In meeting to discuss this film, we found there were so many similarities between ourselves and Lennard’s story. Our challenge was to tell the Lennard Taylor brand story, creating awareness in a timeless film inspired by everything Lennard shared with us. We noticed a subtle european flavour in his garments which we matched with vintage lenses.

For a few shots, we opened up the lens to let additional light in around the edges, which is the style and feel I had seen in ads in Germany. This gave us a unique manual shift in focus, filming with an uneasy but visually stunning hand-held style. We wanted to bring as much detail in this film as he put in his work. One thing we noticed – he always writes on every pattern he creates, which we later showed how that related to customers buying his product – seeing Lennard signing a happy customer’s product case.



We’re all creative and with that, we speak the same language, this is why we were so excited to work together on this. The discovery process of how a completely different industry paralleled how we came to do what we do was fascinating. It wasn’t long before the whole concept for the story was planned out.



It’s encouraging to hear how someone so talented in the fashion industry started out by just trying. With no formal training, simply being lead by curiosity and a love for fashion, he journeyed to where he is today. It has been evident that his passion is infused in his work. With the backdrop of this brand story being his first ever solo hosted fashion show at his studio on 89 Princess, we witnessed someone on the verge of massive success.





Lennard is a visionary artist; he’s focused on creating clothes that are as individual and unique as the people who end up wearing them. We love seeing someone so authentic, polite, and passionate and we’re excited to see the brand take off from here. Music licensed through With Etiquette.

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