Migrating Landscapes is as unique a project as our country is for people’s migration experiences. Jae-Sung and Johanna, both sharing a passion for architecture, found they (and many others) had these great stories of when they first came to Canada. These experiences and the backgrounds were different, but each shared a unique perspective as their landscape changed. It was the little things, for us growing up in Canada, that we take for granted. Jae came from a city where a wall was constructed of concrete or brick. When he came to Canada, he had to learn to use and get comfortable with the notion of a wall being built of wood frames and soft insides as he began practicing architecture in this new environment.

As the team goes to the Venice Biennale, they’re proudly bringing a collection of stories and art / architecture concepts as a reflection of those stories and experiences from individuals around Canada.



The material they chose to work with was as raw and as Canadian as it gets; wood. We felt it was so relevant having that element in the foreground and used as a backdrop to set the stage for their stories. We wanted to keep those elements in frame, but at the same time try and draw the individuals out with a little harsher, spot lighting.

We’re thrilled to be a part of this project, contributing along with a dynamic group of partners including: 5468796 Architecture, Urban Ink, City Zen, Canada Council for the Arts, Aeroplan, CBC, TD Canada, Autodesk, Institute for Canadian Citizenship, and many others.




Stories like this captivate audiences and the resonating tone of Migrating Landscapes speaks to the heart of what we as Canadians are all about. Coming from different countries and uniting under one roof brings us together while we share our individual experiences. Our role in this project was to convey the message.

Graphic Design by Urban Ink
For more information, and to help support the team headed to Venice: migratinglandscapes.ca
Music composed by Tony Anderson

  • Jessie

    What a great project to be part of! Beautiful film guys.

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