On Tuesday, April 24th 2012 a few great minds flew in from all over North America for a private event called #DigitalDay out in Colorado. Companies would get together as partners and collaborate and inspire others around. We worked with teams from Google, The Daily Meal, Radium One, Span Feller Group, Federated Media, C’Volution, and IC Group to explore and discuss ideas for where the digital landscape in marketing was headed. Our challenge was to take the whole experience and translate it into a film and we’re happy to share a sample of what we’re putting together.

The mile high city is always a great place to visit, with its fresh mountain air. Downtown Denver posed as an interesting backdrop to this gathering; the architecture was unique and truly inspiring. From the moment we hit the tarmac to the time we boarded to leave, we were on our feet filming and making use of every moment (including waking at a false fire alarm). Before long, we were off to Boulder, Colorado to meet with some great minds. We had the privilege of not only being able to film some incredible content, but learn from the people we were filming.





They had amazing things to share and really understood where social media and digital marketing was headed. When you’re in a room with movers and shakers in the digital content world who all share the same focus, goals and vision, it’s quite the experience. There were a lot of commonalities between these world forerunners, including how the digital landscape was ever-changing and growing.

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