We helped put together a series of commercials for LTV to help promote what sets them apart in their industry. When they approached us, we did our homework and couldn’t find one bad thing any customer had to say about its product. In fact, almost all of their customers praise and share the craftsmanship detail that went into their RV with all their friends and family.

Leisure Travel Van’s goal is to introduce our customers to a new and better RV experience. Design work pays special attention to small details, functionality, form, ease of use, and best use of space. They listen, they learn and they carefully plan. Leisure Travel Vans thinks of a million things so that their customers can simply enjoy.


It’s The Little Things.

They’re what make all the difference. Leisure Travel Vans is a Manitoba-based recreational vehicle manufacturer that believes strongly in paying attention to every little detail in the process. Double screwed face framing, number-coded wiring and powder coated chassis components are all examples of their commitment of going beyond the norm. You could say innovation is in their DNA. 

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