Members of GoogleThe Daily MealRadium OneSpan Feller GroupFederated MediaC’Volution, and IC Group got together to explore and discuss their vision for the future of digital marketing. This is part 2 of 2 in this edition. Collaborators included: Deanna Brown, Doug Chavez, Jackie Stone, Behnam Dayanim, Kellie Fitzgerald, Kay Webster, Kelly Crerar, Mark Hierlihy, Duncan McCready, Jennifer Beechen, Marti Sterne, Melissa Amedeo, Jill Cashman, Vickie Prucha.

Connecting brands to their valuable audiences.

What does the explosion in social sharing look like? Every day sharing. The number is growing on a magnitude on a daily basis. This is traditionally categorized as “Big Data”. Radium One calls it static data. They’re putting their focus on rich, real-time sharing data that the web enables.



Connecting with people.

What does it look like when you’re trying to reach tens of thousands of consumers online? Are there any incentives to getting them to take a second look at your product or your brand? IC Group runs innovative and extremely technical campaigns along with agencies that explores this opportunity. Imagine you’re at a conference and by connecting your twitter handle with an interactive display, you’ve just entered to win tickets to a secret concert that night put on by one of the largest, well-known musicians of today. Bringing a cohesive and seamless experience from the web to an in-person interactive display.




Digital Day is about inspiration.

When all of these great minds from some of the largest companies in North America get together, the room lights up with inspiration. We all get to hear about and explore possibilities with current and future technology and what the digital space looks like ahead.



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Where do you think the digital landscape is headed?

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