Composites Innovation Centre is making groundbreaking efforts to help manufacturers develop new composite and bio-composite products and technologies. They’ve become a research and development extension of many large Canadian and American manufacturers including Boeing, The Eastside GroupMacDon IndustriesBristol Aerospace, and Motor Coach Industries to name a few.

By developing these innovative composite technologies, they are directly responsible for advancing key economic sectors; aerospace (commercial, military, general aviation and autonomous aircraft), bio-composites and ground transportation across the western Canada. Celebrating a successful first 10 years, we were excited to share the combined successes of both the CIC and their clients.



Approaching this film, knowing that we’re speaking of extremely innovative and new technologies, to fit the subject matter we took the opportunity to use point of view angles from the robotic arms used on the 5 axis CNC machine at the CIC headquarters as well as East Side Group‘s water jet fibreglass cutting machine.  From our initial production plan, the goal was to portray the technical side of the CIC’s involvement in projects such as the tail fin design for Magellan’s F-35 Fighter Jet along with Mac Don’s tractor cab and hood design.  The start up of the company was put together by with key members doing the legwork to determine the needs in the industry prior to coming up with the initial CIC concept.  Our film took the same approach in showing the dynamic range of capabilities that the CIC possess; from the CAD Cave to the bio-fibre brick wall display in their facilities moving the film along from the timeline. From the current landscape of the company to the future projections and visionary direction.

We carefully filmed various locations over the span of two days without interrupting normal production in every facility we visited. Timing was extremely important. We had the pleasure of working with Ryan Paradis of CIC to help schedule interviews between breaks, while also allowing enough time to film hands on production work. It’s the same approach we’ve taken with Paperback Films. We’re so careful to remain behind the scenes while capturing everything we need; giving the (hopefully) illusion of carefully staged clips dressed in color and sound.

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