How To Connect Brands With People

Promotions and Loyalty programs can be a tricky ordeal, especially if it engages on a social platform or through e-mail. Consumers are people. There’s a lot of interest and engagement when a brand is offering something of value. Something that stirs a good reaction when they get a message in their inbox, or find that a lot of their friends are sharing the same, exciting offer online. At Digital Day, we discussed the new digital landscape and how it’s evolving and growing with potential for a more personal approach.

One of the goals of this discussion was to help people understand that good marketing starts with a great idea and then you can take that concept to different channels. Not to start with a new and exciting channel and then try and make that channel work for your brand. Rather, to think of a new, innovative idea and then put it into the right channel. Take all the trends and dizziness that’s happening in technology and boil it back down to simple ways for brands to connect and reach consumers.


Members of GoogleThe Daily MealRadium OneSpan Feller GroupFederated MediaC’Volution, and IC Group got together to inspire new thoughts around what the digital marketing landscape could look like. As a continuation of the Digital Day series, in these two films we’re talking about Promotions and Loyalty Programs and what it means to connect with an audience as well as Consumer Relationship Management.

Content Is Still King

We found that among all these brands, content is still thought to be the most important. Relevant content? Even better. Mark Hierlihy talked about the importance of relationships. Connections that are lasting and trusted help foster good partnerships. At the event, he had taken a particular view of digital and how it’s integrated into the whole Cause Marketing space, going through its principles, how it’s done well, seeing case studies and helping brand understand the practical application of the theory.


Stepping Out And Getting Inspired

Digital days create a lot of momentum and excitement and create momentum and change. It’s so easy for brand managers to stay focused on the metrics of their measurements every single day for a job. It’s important also to step out of the office and look around and see how the digital space is changing and test new and exciting technology to see what’s out there and how it can work for their brand.


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