Testing & Analysis

We worked with Composites Innovation Centre to help create a series of videos that defined services that they offer, as well as help explain some of the process behind their work in a case study format. This film is centered around Testing with Melet Plastics as their client. Whether someone is looking for an initial composite material evaluation or for a full testing protocol to verify that a material or product meets performance requirements, Composites Innovation Centre can help: Mechanical Testing, Thermal Analysis Testing, & Physical Properties Testing Technical Specs: Filmed with: Red 4K & 5D Mark III Lenses: Canon 24mm, Continue Reading

Alaskan Caravan

I had the opportunity to journey up north to Alaska to capture and put a short story together highlighting a portion of a10.5 week journey of RVers, together in a caravan from northern British Columbia, traveling into the Yukon, and then northwest exploring the mountainous landscapes, glaciers and rivers of central and southcentral Alaska. The caravan consisted of about 20 Leisure Travel Vans from all over the US and Canada and was lead by Duane and Lynda Pilson of Rec-Vee, and Bill and Helen Harder on behalf of Leisure Travel Vans. Mike & Lani Elias, as well as myself caught up with Continue Reading

Leisure Travel Vans Brand Story

We helped put together a series of commercials for Triple E Recreational Vehicles & Leisure Travel Vans to help promote what sets them apart in their industry. The goal was to create a film that served several purposes; a narrative film that engaged new customers, build brand loyalty to existing customers, educate new employees with a plant tour. Similarly to our process with Lode King’s brand story, we had to film everything without second takes and without interrupting a minute of production time. Selecting quality suppliers and components is an integral part of the Leisure Travel Vans process. They carefully choose those that will Continue Reading

There’s More For You Here

The Chamber of Commerce in Steinbach approached us to create a short film that would help people living inside the community and outside the community look at the city in a new light. A new light that would engage the viewer to investigate more about the city and leave you with a sense of delight. For many decades the City of Steinbach has been synonymous with “It’s worth the trip” because well.. there is a automobile dealer on almost every corner and the auto dealers have been collectively marketing themselves with this tag line. And it works well for the Continue Reading

Lode King’s Brand Story

Lode King Industries is a premium trailer manufacturer with headquarters in Winkler, Manitoba. They approached us about making a brand story with the challenge of meeting a few important goals; educate and entice customers, add value to existing customers, and walk through the construction process as a plant tour for new employees. They already had a reputation for having a premium product and a great local presence within their community. We wanted to expand on that and push the brand further. The Challenge The biggest challenge we faced was the fact that we could not interrupt production, even for a minute. Continue Reading

Dissecting A Brand Story

We wanted to bring you into our world, and what goes into putting together a Brand Story from behind the scenes. The process and the approach is the same, whether we’re telling a story for a large manufacturer or a small fashion designer. The only real variation is the scope of the project. Today, we’re taking a look at Moore Photography. Curtis Moore is inspired by motion pictures. It’s the real reason he started out with photography; wanting to tell that story unfolding before his eyes every day around him. He found his talent was in stills. The brand is Continue Reading

Banff, Alberta in 4K

 Apple Adds Streamlined 4K Workflow in 10.1 FCPX Our team was pretty thrilled hearing about all the latest features in this major update by Apple in their somewhat controversial (as labelled by the filmmaking community at large) Final Cut Pro X. Friends of ours, Vertical Online had previously shared some of their stories on YouTube viewable in full 4K, who were also featured on FCP.CO here. We wanted to quickly test the workflow beginning with a new project, edit, colour and mix the film in 10.1′s version of FCPX and publish directly to YouTube in 4K. Beautiful Banff, Alberta We had just Continue Reading

Great Marketing Begins With A Great Idea

How To Connect Brands With People Promotions and Loyalty programs can be a tricky ordeal, especially if it engages on a social platform or through e-mail. Consumers are people. There’s a lot of interest and engagement when a brand is offering something of value. Something that stirs a good reaction when they get a message in their inbox, or find that a lot of their friends are sharing the same, exciting offer online. At Digital Day, we discussed the new digital landscape and how it’s evolving and growing with potential for a more personal approach.  One of the goals of Continue Reading

Composites Innovation Centre

Composites Innovation Centre is making groundbreaking efforts to help manufacturers develop new composite and bio-composite products and technologies. They’ve become a research and development extension of many large Canadian and American manufacturers including Boeing, The Eastside Group, MacDon Industries, Bristol Aerospace, and Motor Coach Industries to name a few. By developing these innovative composite technologies, they are directly responsible for advancing key economic sectors; aerospace (commercial, military, general aviation and autonomous aircraft), bio-composites and ground transportation across the western Canada. Celebrating a successful first 10 years, we were excited to share the combined successes of both the CIC and their clients. Approaching Continue Reading

The Future of Digital Marketing Part 2

Members of Google, The Daily Meal, Radium One, Span Feller Group, Federated Media, C’Volution, and IC Group got together to explore and discuss their vision for the future of digital marketing. This is part 2 of 2 in this edition. Collaborators included: Deanna Brown, Doug Chavez, Jackie Stone, Behnam Dayanim, Kellie Fitzgerald, Kay Webster, Kelly Crerar, Mark Hierlihy, Duncan McCready, Jennifer Beechen, Marti Sterne, Melissa Amedeo, Jill Cashman, Vickie Prucha. Connecting brands to their valuable audiences. What does the explosion in social sharing look like? Every day sharing. The number is growing on a magnitude on a daily basis. This is traditionally categorized as “Big Data”. Radium One calls Continue Reading

Craftsmanship at Leisure Travel Vans

We helped put together a series of commercials for LTV to help promote what sets them apart in their industry. When they approached us, we did our homework and couldn’t find one bad thing any customer had to say about its product. In fact, almost all of their customers praise and share the craftsmanship detail that went into their RV with all their friends and family. Leisure Travel Van’s goal is to introduce our customers to a new and better RV experience. Design work pays special attention to small details, functionality, form, ease of use, and best use of space. They listen, they learn and Continue Reading

The Future of Digital Marketing Part 1

Members of Google, The Daily Meal, Radium One, Span Feller Group, Federated Media, C’Volution, and IC Group got together to explore and discuss their vision for the future of digital marketing. This is part I of II in this edition – we’ll be sharing the next shortly. YouTube is taking over your TV. Kay Webster shares how YouTube has really shifted its focus to help create strong, engaging original content. They want their network to be an extension to your regular television programming. With all of the devices pre-loaded with YouTube apps out there in the world today, it’s already here. This push for good content has bled over Continue Reading

Digital Day | Denver, Colorado

On Tuesday, April 24th 2012 a few great minds flew in from all over North America for a private event called #DigitalDay out in Colorado. Companies would get together as partners and collaborate and inspire others around. We worked with teams from Google, The Daily Meal, Radium One, Span Feller Group, Federated Media, C’Volution, and IC Group to explore and discuss ideas for where the digital landscape in marketing was headed. Our challenge was to take the whole experience and translate it into a film and we’re happy to share a sample of what we’re putting together. The mile high Continue Reading

Woodrow Place

The Woodrow Place Condominium project was a great exercise in the challenge of conveying a message based on a feeling without a physical product to work with. Our secondary challenge was this film being a same-day-edit with location coverage in several locations. Centrally located in Winnipeg, the Wolseley community is steeped in a lot of interesting history dating back to 1882. The area was great for filming in, with the large trees over hanging the Assiniboine River and close proximity to all the parks and pathways. Filming greenery in summer is always a treat.  Interviewing Sean and Janice from Fresh Continue Reading

Migrating Landscapes

Migrating Landscapes is as unique a project as our country is for people’s migration experiences. Jae-Sung and Johanna, both sharing a passion for architecture, found they (and many others) had these great stories of when they first came to Canada. These experiences and the backgrounds were different, but each shared a unique perspective as their landscape changed. It was the little things, for us growing up in Canada, that we take for granted. Jae came from a city where a wall was constructed of concrete or brick. When he came to Canada, he had to learn to use and get Continue Reading