Dissecting A Brand Story

We wanted to bring you into our world, and what goes into putting together a Brand Story from behind the scenes. The process and the approach is the same, whether we’re telling a story for a large manufacturer or a small fashion designer. The only real variation is the scope of the project. Today, we’re taking a look at Moore Photography. Curtis Moore is inspired Continue Reading

Banff, Alberta in 4K

 Apple Adds Streamlined 4K Workflow in 10.1 FCPX Our team was pretty thrilled hearing about all the latest features in this major update by Apple in their somewhat controversial (as labelled by the filmmaking community at large) Final Cut Pro X. Friends of ours, Vertical Online had previously shared some of their stories on YouTube viewable in full 4K, who were also featured on FCP.CO here. We Continue Reading

Great Marketing Begins With A Great Idea

How To Connect Brands With People Promotions and Loyalty programs can be a tricky ordeal, especially if it engages on a social platform or through e-mail. Consumers are people. There’s a lot of interest and engagement when a brand is offering something of value. Something that stirs a good reaction when they get a message in their inbox, or find that a lot of their Continue Reading

Composites Innovation Centre

Composites Innovation Centre is making groundbreaking efforts to help manufacturers develop new composite and bio-composite products and technologies. They’ve become a research and development extension of many large Canadian and American manufacturers including Boeing, The Eastside Group, MacDon Industries, Bristol Aerospace, and Motor Coach Industries to name a few. By developing these innovative composite technologies, they are directly responsible for advancing key economic sectors; aerospace (commercial, military, Continue Reading

The Future of Digital Marketing Part 2

Members of Google, The Daily Meal, Radium One, Span Feller Group, Federated Media, C’Volution, and IC Group got together to explore and discuss their vision for the future of digital marketing. This is part 2 of 2 in this edition. Collaborators included: Deanna Brown, Doug Chavez, Jackie Stone, Behnam Dayanim, Kellie Fitzgerald, Kay Webster, Kelly Crerar, Mark Hierlihy, Duncan McCready, Jennifer Beechen, Marti Sterne, Melissa Amedeo, Jill Cashman, Vickie Prucha. Connecting brands to their Continue Reading

Craftsmanship at Leisure Travel Vans

We helped put together a series of commercials for LTV to help promote what sets them apart in their industry. When they approached us, we did our homework and couldn’t find one bad thing any customer had to say about its product. In fact, almost all of their customers praise and share the craftsmanship detail that went into their RV with all their friends and family. Leisure Continue Reading