We helped put together a series of commercials for Triple E Recreational Vehicles & Leisure Travel Vans to help promote what sets them apart in their industry. The goal was to create a film that served several purposes; a narrative film that engaged new customers, build brand loyalty to existing customers, educate new employees with a plant tour. Similarly to our process with Lode King’s brand story, we had to film everything without second takes and without interrupting a minute of production time.

Selecting quality suppliers and components is an integral part of the Leisure Travel Vans process. They carefully choose those that will only compliment the level of craftsmanship that goes into every one of their RV’s. They want their customers to have the best possible RV experience and these are some of the details they feel is important to consider.



The Challenge

After an early tour of the manufacturing facilities at Triple E Recreational Vehicles, we saw first hand all that went into creating one of these RVs. Careful planning, meticulous detail work and perfected timing in production. The brand story was going to act as both a plant tour as well as the story of how it all started, so there was a lot of ground to cover. The real challenge was the timing in filming. Every single clip could not interfere with actual production time, as these products were in such high demand. All interviews had to be carefully planned during coffee breaks, lunch breaks and a few taking place in the evening after work. All of the actual manufacturing production shots would have to be filmed without interfering with anything that’s actually going on – which means, we could not stage anything. It would be similar to filming an evening – making things look and feel cinematic as if we had that level of control for planning each shot. With all of our experiencing filming weddings as our sister company, Paperback Films, we were up for the challenge!

Behind The Scenes




The Process

The largest part of what we filmed were the days before the MoVi or drone popularity. We filmed from a real helicopter out the window with the RED mounted on a steadicam. The grand majority of the film was shot on Canon 5D Mark IIIs, with some pickups (including aerial) filmed on a RED, so we consciously shot everything in order to be abel to blend it in post. We had a 3 man team filming sequences in tight, mediums and wides – in both motion and static varieties to give us a lot of freedom in post production.


Stephen Gray filming in a helicopter

Tracking shots were filmed with suction cups mounted to both an SUV following the RV driving, as well as on the actual RV itself to give a unique perspective.


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