As part of an initiative put on by Leanne Havelock and Christopher Lobay, The Secret Handshake is a free event for all sorts of creative individuals (game developers, graphic designers, video & motion artists, application developers, writers, producers, recording engineers, etc) to get together and “hang out”.  We attended the 3rd meeting, as our first event, and had an absolute blast.  The #Secrethandshake 4.0 was an even larger success with around 42 individuals who RSVP’d.  The night was themed Show & Tell, as most people brought pencils, paper, laptops, and iPads to showcase and discuss their work with each other.  To add to the fun, A.J. Potrebka and Leanne Havelock brought a birthday cake and party hats to celebrate Emily Jane‘s 25th birthday.

Leanne Havelock was also going around shooting video with her iPhone 3Gs that she later edited on a locally developed app called VideoEdit , you can view the video here . We’ll be posting a little montage of the evening soon; stay tuned.

Thanks to everyone who came out and connected with us, we’re always blown away by the talent we have in this city.  For anyone that missed it, make sure to make it to #Secrethandshake 5.0.

-At First Sight

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